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Augmented Story’s Audio Content

Music? Social Movement? Space? Or Profile?

Sky Blue – A Music (Jamaican Music)
Green– A Social Movement (Rastafarianism)
Purple– A Space (dance halls)
Dark Blue– Profile (Language & Fashion)

Through-out strongholds of political unrest, poverty, and social injustice; emerged, this new movement as a hope for our people in despair.
From sound systems and dub, to Ska and Rocksteady; to reggae and dancehall, our musical evolution remains constant.

It was born with a free spirit that encompasses a natural mood for celebrating life while injecting swag, slangs, and messages of hope through its unorthodox methods of teaching survival against the system.

It forced us to create spaces that lead to economical escape routes in a world where we were viewed as being different.
Decade after decade it evolves, adapting to new sounds but still we identify it by the beat of the bass drums.
“BUM BUM! …(pause)…. BUM BUM! (sound of the heartbeat)
Yet, some are still asking,” what is it?”
“Let’s celebrate life’s special moments with a free spirit.”